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How Button Finance is Making it Super Easy to Get PPP Loans


Getting a loan is a harrowing process in the best of times. It gets even harder during a pandemic. The Government wants to help small businesses with PPP loans. But the application and funding process is incredibly frustrating. That’s where Button Finance comes in. Button Finance provides a quick and easy application and fast funding. 


Button Finance is an innovative New York-based company whose mission is to help borrowers get the best loans. With NO FEES, a live help-desk, and a step-by-step guide to completing your application Button Finance is helping thousands of borrowers get their PPP funds seamlessly. Small businesses, individual contractors and self-employed individuals have all used Button Finance to quickly submit their PPP loan application.

But don’t take our word for it! Read what some of our borrowers have to say:

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“You have been amazing, I paid an advisor $1k to help me with the 10k grant they have yet to tell me a single thing and it’s been 2 weeks. People are taking advantage of us small businesses owners who are struggling. It’s like the hunger games out there, and if I don’t get this loan I’ll end up shutting down. So thank you very much.”

Alisha, counsellor Albuquerque, NM

“Button Finance gave me peace of mind. My bank ignored me. Wouldn’t even answer the phone. These guys guided me through my application and got me funded in no time.”

John, restaurant owner New York, NY

“Button Finance pays special attention to small borrowers like me. They ensured that my application was flawless and ready to fund right away!”

Eric, accountant Huntington Beach, CA

“No fees, no brainer. They provided an easy guide which helped me submit my application in no time. Great team too.”

Samantha, independent contractor Baltimore, MD

“All my family and friends used Button Finance. Helped us get through a tough time in 2020.”

Tim, hairdresser Denver, CO

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