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Appraisal Pricing

Guide to Ordering Appraisals


Please enter “Button Finance, Inc.” as the Referral Company, “Ordering” as the Level of Access, and “Immediately” as the Timeframe to Submit an Order

Appraisal Requirements

AVMs permissible when both of the following circumstances have been met:

        • Interest Rate does not exceed APOR by 3.5%*
        • AVM CLTV does not exceed 80


Loan Amounts </= $200,000 and AVM CLTV > 80 and <=90

        • Exterior only (2055) appraisal is required


Loan Amounts >$200,000 or AVM CLTV > 90

        • Full Interior/Exterior (1004) appraisal is required


*NOTE:  Whenever the APR is > APOR + 3.5% a Full Interior/Exterior Appraisal is required, no exceptions allowed. We can accept your appraisal done within the last 180 days.




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